How to Motivate Your Kids to Be More Active

From a very young age, it is important to train your kids’ right, as these teachings will truly shape their behaviour as they grow up and also reflect their character. Here are a few tips that will motivate your kids to be active.

Obesity Is a Serious Issue

Before you teach your kids to be active it is important that parents understand how badly obesity can affect children. All parents like to pamper their kids by giving them whatever they demand including their daily snacks and breakfast from their favourite fast-food chain. There is nothing wrong in spoiling your child because they all deserve to get what they want. However, when it comes to eating habits you need to be really careful, as a parent, it is your duty to make sure that your child is healthy at all times so don’t give in to their regular tantrums of having the only burger for lunch.  Also if your child doesn’t take part in much physical activity, then they are likely to be overweight. So it is very important to not only feed them the right kinds of food but it is also essential to make them sweat every day by doing some form of exercise.

Be Their Friend

If you want to encourage your child to be more active and take part in playing sports then start by being their friend. On weekdays you could take them to do swimming, cycling or to play baseball with them. In order to motivate them, make sure you also join and play with them. Take these weekend activities really seriously. For example, invest in swimming gear such as goggles and a black baseball cap for sports. Once your child gets interested in a particular sport they will willingly stay back at school for extracurricular activities. However, make sure you don’t go too hard on them for example if your child is feeling tired and doesn’t want to go for practices then let him rest. This is because if they over stress their muscles it could lead to a long-term injury which might prevent him to do any kind of physical activity for the rest of his life. Similarly, if you want to encourage your kids to eat healthy then you too eat the same kind of food. You cannot expect your child to have a salad while you are indulging in a burger in front of them.  It can get difficult to make them eat healthy so be experimental with your recipes. So if your child wants to have pizza then you could make cauliflower pizza for him/her. However, let them indulge their favourite desserts every once in a while.

Every Kid Is Different

Don’t be let down if your child doesn’t show much interest in any kinds of sports. This is because every child is unique and special in their own way. So let him/her decide what they like for example instead of playing basketball your child might prefer going for a dancing or singing class. As a parent it is your duty to understand their talent and let them go ahead with whatever path they choose for themselves!


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